At Dye Lab we create unique textiles using locally grown, foraged and sourced plants.  Our dye plants are grown in the sweet local soil with lots of compost and water from exhausted dye baths. Last year’s crop included indigo, sunflowers and marigolds; we hope to expand to more plants this year.  We forage for weeds, tree prunings and walnut hulls.  An additional source is local growers like Roots Cut Flower Farm and food wastes from farmers markets and area restaurants.

All these options produce wonderful tones of pink, peach, yellow, green, blue, brown and grey. We use them to dye airy cotton gauze scarves, various types of silk scarves, wool gauze scarves and wool yarn, although new things are in the works.  What textiles we on hand at market depend on what’s been growing lately or what has been stored by drying. When you wear one of our scarves you know what plants (not chemicals) are next to your skin and from where they come.