with carol reed and kirsten olson

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Using reclaimed porcelain, leftover fabric, kitchen scraps and yard waste you’ll create unique wearable art. Beads and pendants will be made from recycled porcelain clay using under-glaze and texturing. These will be combined with textile cords and decorative elements from pre- consumer recycled material some of which you will naturally dye from kitchen scraps and yard waste. The dye will include pink from avocados and brown from walnut hulls among others. You’ll also naturally dye a cotton scarf. On the second day of class we’ll create an indigo vat so you can up-cycle a stained or out of date item of clothing from home.

The workshop will be hosted at The Pond, 32 W. Pomfret St, Carlisle, PA

2 Saturdays: October 12th from 10-4 with a lunch break (please pack a lunch or dine out locally)

October 19th from 10-12

Class fee: $145, which includes $55 in materials

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Upcycle Pop-Up

Saturday October 19 th from 1:30 -4:00

*no pre-registration required

Don’t have time to take the class but still want to up-cycle some clothing or make fun jewelry? Come to Indigo on the Go on Saturday afternoon! Bring a stained or out of date shirt to put in the indigo vat. Natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool and silk work best. It will sometimes dye other materials but not always. Dye a piece of clothing the equivalent of a large t-shirt or pillowcase for $5.00. Kids clothes - infant through 12 for $3 each.

Also available will be “Reclaim and Recycle: Wearable Art Kits”. Each kit will contain reclaimed porcelain beads or pendant, pre consumer recycled textiles and instructions to make unique necklaces or earrings.

A Fall Day to Dye For

Bundle Dyeing Carrot Top, Fern, Basil, red maple, rose petals, walnut

Bundle Dyeing Carrot Top, Fern, Basil, red maple, rose petals, walnut

Bundle Dyeing, Rosemary, red maple and basil

Bundle Dyeing, Rosemary, red maple and basil

Bundle dyeing, eucalyptus

Bundle dyeing, eucalyptus

natural dyeing with Marigolds

natural dyeing with Marigolds

hapa zome (india flint’s technique), red maple and fern

hapa zome (india flint’s technique), red maple and fern

Will be done in the  Fall DYe day only - Fresh leaf indigo dyeing

Will be done in the Fall DYe day only- Fresh leaf indigo dyeing

Saturday September 7th  10 - 4 

Join us for a day of exploring dyeing with local grown plants, foraged dye material and eucalyptus leaves.  We will transfix color from plants many ways: through bundle dyeing – free form layering of petals and leaves, putting color on cloth by hammering using India Flints “Hapa Zome” technique and fresh leaf indigo dyeing using just harvested Indigo leaves grown in the instructor’s garden.  Fresh leaf indigo dyeing imparts a beautiful aqua color.  Natural dye essentials will be covered including mordanting, creating the dyes and care of your creations.  Students will leave with a cotton bandana, a large cotton gauze scarf (dyed gold with marigold petals, and 2 lightweight wool gauze scarves (one from the indigo and one bundle dyed).

 at The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman, 335 N. Queen St., Lancaster PA
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